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Feedback from clients

The scans all went very well.

Thanks for all your help, it made the experience much less scary and thats all down to you.

Thanks once again for all your help.



In March 2020 I had the misfortune to contract Covid 19 while working as a intensive care nurse at my local hospital.

Covid not only affected my body leaving me with post viral fatigue it has also caused my mental health to deteriorate.

I contacted Morag in desperation as I was having nightmares , flashback and panic attacks which were impacted on my ability to function with everyday life.

Morag worked with me to implement coping strategies for the panic attacks and pain control strategies and also allowing me space once a week where I could be myself and express my feelings.

I found it useful that Morag had previously worked as a nurse and could relate to my physical and mental health condition .

Through out the sessions Morag hypnosis practice was calming and effective and now I am able to implement the tools she taught me in my daily routine.

I would like to thank Morag for taking the time to support me at a difficult time in my life and her kindness.

I wish her well the future.

Kind regards, S.

I would like to thank you for all the support you have given me.  You have given me the tools to help now and in the future.  I feel a much stronger person for the help you have given me.


Your skills are fantastic.

With all my love and heartfelt gratitude.  L

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