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To Make and achieve your goals.

A hypnotherapy session lasts between 45 minutes to an hour.  The one exception is for STOP SMOKING, which is one long session lasting about two and a half hours.

Most of my therapy sessions are at my home office, which has been set up to allow you to decide whither you sit upright or relax in the recliner chair.

If more than one session is required, and this will be discussed at our initial chat, you will be expected to carry out a small task or two to back up the work done in the session.  For example, if you have been taught Self Hypnosis I may ask you to practice 3 times before the next visit.

If therapy is via video link I will expect you to have a relaxing, quiet space that is private.

No recordings are to be made of the session unless agreed before hand.

Payment will be paid for at the beginning of the session, if not already paid in advance.

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